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Save time and money by simply replacing the doors and drawerfronts, not the whole cabinet!



Cabinet ReFacing provides an Earth Friendly (much less scrap/waste generated) and Inexpensive (Less than half of new cabinets) option to getting the kitchen of your dreams.  The process involves complete removal of your existing cabinet doors and drawerfronts, covering of the existing frames(or cabinet boxes), and installing brand new cabinet doors and drawerfronts of the style and color you choose.  Since we re-use your existing cabinet frames, there is less material to purchase, and it takes a fraction of the time to install!

Ridgid Thermofoil (RTF) Doors, Solid Wood, 

Ridgid Thermofoil (RTF) doors are the prefered choice for modern to traditional kitchens.  Our doors are custom made to your measurements by the leading manufacturer of Thermofoild doors in the USA.  They incorperate an Ultra High Desity Fiberboard made specifically for use in cabinet doors, along with the thickest poly-vinyl coating in the industry.  The result is a door that looks exactly like it's wood counterpart, but with an extremely durable finish that is easy to keep clean. 

Solid Wood Doors

Our Solid Wood Doors are Hand Made to your exact specifications.  Wood doors offer the natural feel and beauty of any species of wood you desire.  Our doors are a sturdy 5-piece construction with many styles and colors to choose from.  For discerning tastes, these doors offer the high end finish found in even the most elaborate kitchens.  Our Painting and Glazing options allow you to get exactly the look you want.

Add A Cabinet (only available with refacing package)

Want to change the cabinet above your refridgerator to fit a larger unit?  Would you like an extra wall cabinet over the bar?  Since we offer new cabinets as well, we can make small adjustments to your existing cabinetry to fit your needs. 

Custom Add-Ons

Rev-A-Shelf is the leading supplier of aftermarket accessories for your home.  Any storage issue you have, they make a solution.  Ask you're kitchen consultant today about what options might best fit your needs.

New Cabinets

We offer new cabinets for those applications where you want to completely change the layout of your kitchen, or your existing cabinet frames are beyond repair and cannot be ReFaced.  We offer 3 different lines of new cabinets to meet the needs of your exact kitchen.  New cabinets are only sold as a package with installation, we do not retail these brands of cabinets.


J&K Cabinets

J&K Cabinets come in standard sizes and offer a limited number of styles and finishes.  While still a very high quality cabinet, J&K limits the options of sizes and styles to keep costs low.  Plywood constuction and soft-close doors and drawers come standard with these cabinets.  Features that are considered an upgrade on even the most expensive brands.  Built right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Aristokraft Cabinetry

Aristokraft Cabinetry is a line of Made-to-Order cabinets that has a wide variety of door styles and finishes.  These cabinets can be ordered in any size to fit your kitchen.  They also offer a number of add-ons to give you kitchen that added wow-factor.  

Bertch Cabinets

Bertch Cabinets are the top of the line.  They are custom made to your measurements and offer the largest selection of styles and colors.  Bertch also offers the most add-ons from slide out shelves, to rotating pantry doors.  Bertch definitely sets your kitchen apart from the others.

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